Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Avoid these 5 mistakes while buying a designer sherwani for your wedding!

You are highly excited and thrilled that your wedding date is fixed. Hearties Congratulations! Now you are out for shopping to buy the wedding dress or sherwani. So, below mentioned are 5 mistakes that you should avoid when you buy designer sherwani.
  1. Avoid buying Cheap fabric sherwani
Being a groom, eyes of every person will get stuck on you, and also you should also create the suave and classy impression. It is certainly not possible with the low grade fabric sherwani suits irrespective that how classy and designer is the embroidery, they will never appear to be elegant. However, the sherwani must complement beautiful lehenga and wonderful looking saree which your better half will wear at wedding. When you are planning to buy a sherwani, you can discuss with your partner about lehenga color. So you can accordingly choose color for your sherwani.

  1. Not a perfect fit
You should never Buy designer sherwani which does not have a perfect fit or the one which makes you look small and fatty than you are actually. It even never make you feel much comfortable, that is much significant during the wedding day. When you are much uncomfortable, you would also find this to be much difficult to focus on wedding rituals and also on the celebrations!
While you are looking for the wedding sherwani, check for designs which are meant for the body type. So, you may also consider buying the padded shoulders when you are much thin as it will also makes you appear perfect built.
  1. Never pick the Mis-matched color dress
It is always better to take your better half along when going to buy your wedding dress as when you both are together you can easily look for the matching sherwani. The wedding attires with the Clashing color make you to appear awkward in the wedding photographs; those are usually meant to be the treasure for lifetime!
  1. Shabby, color and embroidery
If you are overweight and heavy groom, don't plan to wear sherwani of light color with huge embroidery. It would not complement the body structure. It also proves that irrespective of the fact that how stylish or smart you are, till the time you wear appealing and apt attires, your lokks will not complement you.
  1. Don’t choose anything simple
This is a day, when you should leave your simplicity and should be dressed up like a perfect groom. Look for the designer sherwanis that offer a perfect opulent visual and look gracious on you.
So always remember to keep the five points in mind when you are busy doing the wedding shopping. Use the above given tips to assist you to make the perfect kind of choice, so it is not just the bride, but both the groom and bride are admired carefully and also observed vigilantly on their special day! Hence, it is important to look their best on their wedding day so eyes of people should get stuck on the couple.