Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Are You Ready for Pre wedding photo shoot

Pre wedding shoot is a concept in which photo shoot is arranged before the wedding. It gives the chance for couple to get closer. They go through the photo shoot with the photographer at a place of their choice and have some wonderful portrait photos taken. Some photographers who offer pre wedding shoot can charge extra amount for the same.

What is the purpose of a pre wedding photo shoot?

So many reasons are there to have a pre wedding photo shoot but some of them are given below:
·         By having a photo shoot with him you will get to know about him and you will feel comfortable with him in wedding day. 
·         You should tell your photographer about your liking and disliking so that he can also understand your behaviour with the camera and how delicate or interfering they should behave with you on your day.
·         You will get to know the behaviour or method of working of the photographer in this session. He will take your pictures in different poses and he will tell you the position to capture a perfect photo. It will let you know that you made a right selection of photographer.
·         You can also have overseas pre weddingshoot if you want to look natural like yourself, not like bride and groom and you can also include your photo in the invitation card.
·         You can do something unique and interesting with the pre wedding photo as you can select some photos out of your collection. You can also make a slideshow presentation at the reception along with romantic track with your love story. It will make the environment light and it will become the most memorable moment of your life.
·         If you want to look special in your pre wedding photo shoot, you can choose a special dress. Like you can purchase designer salwar kameez online and related accessories.
·         There are different types of clothing available online, it is up to you like which one you want to get. Designer salwar kameez online will be best option that can give you a traditional look.
·         If you want something special with your photos then you can select some special images, make them large and hang up at wall. It will look very nice. Another interesting way is that you can add some wedding photos in your wedding album. And add some of your favourite photos at the beginning of the album.

Tips for wedding photo shoot

Here are some interesting tips to make your wedding photo shoot successful

·         Usually photographers make an appointment for wedding photo shoot in weekdays as they have much time. Hence you should manage your time for photo shoot accordingly.
·         You can ask the photographer to provide you a disk of pictures so that you can use them anywhere like your guest book, wedding invitations, for large canvas print,
·         It would be better if you take the photo shoot at your wedding location so that you will get familiar with the environment of the venue.

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